About Licener

Licener a one treatment only!

Licener- Single Treatment is an easy-to-use head lice shampoo that eliminates head lice and their eggs in just one single application. The treatment requires only 10 minutes! The shampoo is based on Neem extract and has a clinically proven physical mode of action. The head lice and lice-eggs will suffocate in only a few minutes. The elimination of lice and eggs in one treatment has been tested extensively. While other anti-lice products are often susceptible to resistance, Licener’s mode of action will not make lice resistant to the product.

Licener has to be applied on dry hair and is easy to rinse out. Combing or washing with a normal shampoo after the treatment is not needed, and the shampoo is not based on an oily substance.

Licener is a mild shampoo and the product is not flammable. Licener is based on a natural substance; Neem extract. This extract ensures that the breathing apparatus of the lice and lice-eggs is flooded, whereby the oxygen transportation is disrupted. The lice will suffocate within only a few minutes. As a result, Licener eliminates the lice and eggs within a single treatment.