Treating head lice

What is the best way to fight lice?

Head lice usually cause a lot of itching, but not always. Therefore, it is recommended to check your hair once a week. Head lice are the size of sesame seeds and are usually light brown to greyish blue in colour, depending on their stage of development. If they have sucked blood they turn reddish brown. Nits are similar to dandruff. The big difference is that dandruff is loose in the hair and nits stick to the hair.

If there is a case of head lice, there are three possible treatment methods:

1. The comb method (2 weeks):

14 days in a row, carefully comb the hair twice a day with a lice comb.

2. The combination method (1-2 weeks):

Old fashioned lice shampoos should be used in combination with combs. The head lice treatment with the shampoo should be repeated after 7 days.

3. Licener anti-lice shampoo (10 minutes):

Apply Licener to dry hair, massage well and wait 10 minutes. Licener kills both lice and nits in this treatment, making combing optional. Licener works on the basis of natural ingredients and is mild on the skin. Post-treatment is no longer necessary; one treatment is sufficient. However, the shampoo does not dissolve the glue with which nits are attached to the hair, so dead nits can remain in the hair. You can comb out these dead scraps if you like.

Important tip!

If several family members suffer from head lice, it is advisable to treat everyone on the same day to prevent head lice from reappearing.

Checking head lice

The usual lice control takes place at school after each school holiday. This check should be seen as an extra check and as support for the parents. The responsibility for head lice prevention ultimately lies with the parents. The best way to prevent head lice is to regularly check for them at home. Comb your child(ren) at home with a lice comb the evening before each lice check at school. Besides making it easier for the lice mother, yourself and your children, there is also a chance that the lice mother will overlook some things. Don’t worry; luckily this problem doesn’t exist with our combing method!

Read more about the combing methods here

The following combing methods are a reliable way to check for head lice, only takes about 5 minutes per family member and all you need is:

  • De Licener luizenkam (deze kun je los of i.c.m. onze luizenshampoo kopen
  • Lots of (day)light and a light surface (white paper or the washbasin) on which the lice and/or nits, if any, can fall and be easily seen.


  1. Comb the hair thoroughly with an ordinary comb or brush.
  2. Comb partitions in the hair and divide the hair into strands.
  3. Use the Licener lice comb: start close to the head and comb through to the end of the strand in one go. Systematically comb through the hair with the head bent forward over a white surface so that you can see any lice and/or nits that may be present. Always check whether a louse or a nit has been left behind in the comb. Repeat this process systematically until the whole scalp has been checked. Look for lice or nits on the hair, close to the scalp (about 1 cm from the scalp). You can recognise nits because it looks like there is a flake of skin on the hair. However, you can’t blow or rub away a nit, it’s really stuck to the hair and you can only get it off by pulling it between your fingernails or using a lice comb completely off the hair.
  4. After checking each family member, clean the comb again thoroughly with soap and water.

Tips & Tricks

Tip: Lice like to live in warm places, especially behind the ears and on the neck. Check these spots extra carefully. Lice are grey-blue or red-brown specks and nits are grey-white.

Tip: After the Licener head lice treatment it is possible that dead nits remain in the hair (due to the strong glue with which it is attached), these can be combed out with the Licener lice comb if desired (but is not necessarily necessary).

How should you use Licener?

Treating head lice with Licener anti-lice shampoo is easy, quick and efficient. In one simple 10-minute treatment you are rid of your lice and nits. Licener is effective without combing. Only for hygiene purposes can you choose to comb the dead remnants out of your hair. Licener is not oil-based so no greasy residue remains in the hair after rinsing.


Breng Licener aan op droog haar. Masseer de shampoo goed in om al het haar vanaf de Apply Licener to dry hair. Massage well to cover all hair from scalp to ends.


Let it soak in for 10 minutes.


Rinse the anti-lice shampoo out with lukewarm water. It is not necessary to wash the hair with normal shampoo afterwards.


After treatment, lice residues may sometimes remain in the hair. In this case you can choose to comb the dead lice and nits out of the hair with a lice comb.